10 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Hire a Party Stylist

Guest blog post written by Elisha Letic from Honey & Maple Events


When planning a special event you may be tossing up whether to DIY or outsource the decorating. You may find yourself thinking, “Do I really need to hire a Party Stylist? Surely it can’t be that hard?!” Think again! Read on to discover some of the surprising reasons why it makes sense to hire a party stylist!

1. Time

A lot of the clients that come to us are time poor. They have a vision in their head or a style they wish to create however are too busy in everyday life to achieve what they are after. Hiring a party stylist allows for your ideas to come to life with out needing the important aspect of creating a great party that is time.


2. Creativity

A lot of people who come to us seek out a requirement of creating a party that is unique and memorable for guests however, they don’t know where to start. Through chatting with clients and obtaining a greater understanding of what they’re seeking allows for us to research a way to create a party that suits you and stands out amongst the rest.

3. Connections

Sometimes clients know what they want but they don’t know where to look for it. Generally, a stylist and party planner have vendors that assist in creating a successful party. They work together to ensure all aspects of an event are perfect.

4. Props

There are certain props and items that impact the appeal of a party set up. Currently the most popular items include back drops, whether they are greenery walls or pallet walls these items are owned by event planning companies which gives clients easy access to the impact pieces.

5. Expense

A lot of the time people don’t look in to hiring a party planner, because we assume they are afraid of what the cost may be. However, as a company who ensures to create a stylish, unique and modern event each time we also make sure to have fair, reasonable and affordable prices for all. If it works best for our client we can work off a budget rather than a broken down quote or package.

Why invest in an excessive amount of pink glasses if you’ll only use them once and have to store them away? Hire instead! 

6. Relax & Enjoy

There is nothing worse than being the person behind the planning while also needing be social and host while juggling the responsibilities of a successful party. If you wish to be a part of the event (whatever the occasion may be) it is best to be present to the room and to be relaxed on the day knowing that the set up and pack down will be taken care of for you.

7. Styling Items

Our way of thinking is why, would you invest in styling items, platter boards, props and things alike for one day, to then be left with items you probably won’t use again? We are able to supply you with all of the above with out you having to go out, purchase, set up and store them all afterwards.

8. A Professional Eye

Hiring a professional to style your event ensures that all aspects of your party will compliment the next. Everything will be suited to the theme and style of your special occasion.

9. Say NO to Epic Fails!

The reality is, the event you’re planning for is something important to the client. Whether it’s a baby shower, christening, gender reveal, picnic or a birthday, hiring a specialist in the area of planning for an event ensures you will get what you want. We have all seen the epic fail memes which are a laugh for everyone (how good are cake fails) but on the day of a special event the last thing you want is something to go wrong. Hiring an event planner takes the pressure off the client and the responsibility in to the hands of someone else who works well under pressure, has good organisation skills, time management is key and communication skills are at a professional standard. There is no room for mistakes when you hire a planner.

No epic cake fails here! (Two Birds Bakery)

10. Personalisation of Parties

A certain feature of a party that frequently comes in to play when we create our events for clients is PERSONALISATION! We can personalise almost anything through the right vendors! Lolly bags, pop corn favours, birthday boards, welcome signs, drink labels, name placement cards … the list goes on! Generally this key aspect of a party is what guests will walk away remembering as something that made the day/night special. Be sure to check out the Print & Party range of personalised invitations, chocolate bars, stickers and more!

Oh Deer Party Stickers to personalise Aria’s Woodland Party
So, there you have it – 10 great reasons why you should consider hiring a party stylist for your next event! Have we convinced you yet?!

About the Party Stylist

Mum of two with the instinct to style, Elle, loves making clients visions come to life. She gets most pleasure from clients and guests reactions once all the planning has become a reality on the event date and everything comes together for the celebration. Forming a trusting, relaxed and friendly relationship with clients is an important aspect of her work. Attention to detail is a priority to her, she ensures that everything runs smoothly and therefore clients are relaxed, as intended. Elle treats the event as if it were one of her own, she puts her heart in to it and the result shows that.

About the Business

HONEY AND MAPLE EVENTS is a creative event planning and design company dedicated to delivering outstanding parties & events. We create beautiful, original events with flair. With a meticulous eye for detail and custom handmade props we are the perfect planner for your next event. We can look after all your needs with our packages starting from simply sourcing decorations and props to running your entire event for you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party with your guests.

Get in touch with Elle to start organising your next event!

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