If you have children born close together in the year, or boy/girl twins, it is cost-effective and fun to combine their birthday celebrations into one big unique and fun filled party!

We are sharing these party themes that are perfect for parties where both boys and girls are celebrating their special day!

1. Pirates and Mermaid Party Theme

This is a really fun theme that everyone will enjoy! You can use pirate elements such as maps, treasure chest and ships, as well as mermaid elements such as tails, shells, and under the sea creatures. Use a combination of these for party decor, take home favours and food ideas. You can serve the kids shells and starfish shaped cookies and pirate ship cupcakes. For games and entertainment, you can have a treasure hunt game and let the kids make their own version of a mermaid lagoon (check how it’s done on a blog post of Small Potatoes).

2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party Theme

For this theme, you can play with blue, pink and gold colors. You can accent your decor with glitter to make them sparkle and shine. Set the scene with our gorgeous Twinkle Star invitations and other stationery. You can make star-shaped cookies, wand-like rice crispies and you could buy a star-shaped cookie cutter and cut out some fruits and make fruit lollipops. What about making your own a star-shaped piñata for the kids to enjoy? You could also set up this Fringe Background and add some gittered stars to match the whole theme. How beautiful!

3. Rainbow Theme

This is a fun theme since you can play with a lot of colours. You can ask your guests to come wearing their favourite color. You can make an arch of balloons with different colours to look like an actual rainbow. Make a rainbow cake, display some colorful lollies in apothery jars, and serve different colourful vegetables and fruits. To keep the kids busy you can try this Pasta colouring and necklace making activity from Makes and Takes.

4. Crayons/ Art  Party Theme 

This is another colourful theme that all kids will enjoy. You can cover the kids’ tables with colouring sheets and let them make their very own artwork. You can serve colorful cookies and cupcakes the kids will surely enjoy. Keep party guests occupied (and intrigued) by having them help make crayons from broken pieces. You can even ask guests to bring broken crayons to the party. Check out the instructions on safely making your own crayons here.

5. Barnyard Party Theme

This theme involves farm animals and the barn itself so why not make your very own Barn Backdrop! See the tutorial from The Craftaholicmom. You can make cake pops in the form of different farm animals. Bandannas could be used as napkins (tie with rope or raffia). It’s nice to use a lot of raffia and/or burlap for decorations to give a barnyard feel. For games, you can keep the kids entertained with a wheelbarrow relay and potato sack races. We have an adorable Barnyard theme collection of party stationery you can find here.

6. Circus Party Theme

This theme is all about red and white vertical stripes, colourful tents and performing animals and magicians. For the food try to include some popcorn, corn on the cob and mini hot dogs, that suit this theme perfectly. To keep the little guests busy, some of the party games can include, a ring toss, tin can knock down, and balloon dart throw.  Check out our circus line of invitations and stationery to make your party complete.

7. Jungle Safari Party Theme

This theme is all about animal prints and cute animals from the Jungle Safari. For a sweet treat, you can make one of these gummy candy kebabs. Let the kids make their own face masks using this free printable. Some ideas for the games include Animal Hunt, Guess Your Animal Game and Animal Charades. You can also check out our Jungle themed invitations and party stationery here.

8. Little Monsters Party Theme

You can make your own Little Monsters cut out stand by following this tutorial, and they can be used as party decor and as a photo booth prop.  You can add this Monster Pudding to your dessert table. For favours, you can make your very own party monsters plushies. We also have an adorable line of party monsters stationery here.

9. Pool Party Theme

The theme is a perfect way to cool down during summer. You can easily create a Summery look using some brightly coloured decorations, complete with matching pool inflatables. Entertain the guest by playing some fun Water Games during the party. This theme will look extra cute with our pool party stationery which you can find here.

10. Movie Party Theme

To set-up the decor for this theme, check out this blog post for some tutorials on how to create some easy movie night decorations. It’s easy to think of ideas for food – pop corn, soft pretzels, hot dogs, and nachos! Maybe even end the night with a choc top icecream! You can entertain the guests with some movie trivia quizzes, movie charades and of course – a kid-friendly movie screening!

11. Superheroes Party Theme

One of the great things about a superhero party theme is that you can start with some basic primary colors and shapes and just run with them. You can serve your guests foods that match each of their favourite superheros – ideas include Thor’s hammer cupcakesAvenger’s pizza and some Captain America’s Shield Rice Krispies Treats.  You can have guests decorate their own superhero shields. Guests can practice shooting at a target or just go crazy in the backyard with this silly string. And to make the party extra fun, ask your guests to dress up as their favourite superhero!

12. Cookies and Milk Party Theme

This is a simple theme, yet very cute and the kids will love it! You can make a little milk stand and cookie stand, where you can place different types of cookies in different jars. You can also make a DIY milk carton boy which you can fill with lollies or chocolates.  For entertainment, the kids can have the chance to decorate their own cookies and make their own milkshakes.

13. Little Chef Party Party Theme

Make sure to have aprons and chef’s hats ready for the little ones. You can prepare a small cooking demo or have the kids make their own mini pizzas or decorating their own cupcake. You can also have the kids create their own arty designs on their aprons.

14. Hot Air Balloon Party Theme

You can play with pastel colours or brights for this theme. For decor, you can make paper mache hot air balloons and cloud lights. For the food you can prepare some hot air balloon shaped sugar cookies, cloud shaped chocolates or lollies, and some cloud-like fairy floss, and of course, some cupcake with hot air balloon toppers. As a centrepiece, you can try creating your very own Hot Air Balloon Piñata.

15. Winter/ Snowflake Party Theme

For this party, you create your own decor by making some 3D paper snowflakes. You can serve your guests Snowflake pretzel popsWinter Wonderland White Chocolate Popcorn, and White chocolate fudge snowflakes. The kids will enjoy these snow-inspired games: Snowman Slam Game, and Snowman pin the nose. Don’t forget to check out our snowflake themed printables!