5 Amazing Ideas For Cake Smash Alternatives

Cake smash alternatives have been increasingly popular in recent years!

Birthdays are such an exciting time for both the child and also the parent. It commemorates another year of learning, fun and enjoyment for the child. Plus, it is a celebration that you as the parent have kept your tiny human alive for yet another year (with most of your sanity in tact).

A parent wants to celebrate their little one in every way possible and so in the recent years cake smashes have become a huge hit to commemorate the day and have the lasting memories to look back on for the years to come.

As the years have progressed parents and photographers have begun to think outside the box when it comes to photos to commemorate these milestones.

Read on to discover some beautiful alternative ideas to the traditional cake smash, perfect for if you like to do things a little differently, or for the 2nd birthday and beyond!


Food Smash

It doesn’t need to be cake to look cute! Think outside the box and let your little one explore with their favourite type of food! A watermelon smash, a taco smash, a donut smash, an ice-cream smash.. There are many different cake smash alternative ideas that will make for a fun and colourful photo shoot! Check out the incredible ideas from Lyndsey’s Photo Co below!


Credit: Lyndsey’s Photo Co

Teddy Bears Picnic

This cake smash alternative is a great way to remember what your child’s favourite teddy or teddies were at the time of their birthday! You can style it in so many different ways . The shoot can be done anywhere and  no “backdrop” is necessarily needed for it making it easy to organise and create. A simple picnic blanket, your child’s favourite toys and a cute outfit – and Ta-da! You have yourself a birthday shoot. It’s also a good alternative if you want to avoid the messy clean up of a cake smash!

Credit: Days With Delilah on Instagram

Birthday Balloons!

Who doesn’t love balloons and when there is so much range on the market today with types of balloons, you can really get across the individuality of your child! You can use multitudes of balloons in their favourite colours or perhaps just one giant foil number balloon of the year they are turning. This is one of the simplest and most cost effective cake smash alternatives.


Credit: Jdroos.Photography on Instagram

Paint Smash

Paint is fun, colourful and a favourite activity for many little ones. The concept of a paint smash is a great alternative for those parents whose child has allergies, but they still want to create that messy image to remember! Set your little one up with a little floor easel, a blank canvas or even one with a big outline of the age they are turning, a plate of paints (non-toxic of course, in case they choose to eat them!) and done. Let them go crazy and shoot away.

Credit: Miss Zeta Rose on Instagram

Themed Birthday Photo Shoot with a Birthday Board

If you are wanting to make your little one’s photo shoot even more memorable and highlight all of the special moments and milestones from their year, order one of our personalised milestone Birthday Boards!

Credit: Josh Gilmour Photography

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