When planning a first birthday party, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the incredible ideas for themes, styling and decorations on Pinterest and Instagram! At the same time, you want your party to stand out from the crowd and be uniquely suited to the personality of your little birthday girl or boy! We are happy to share the details and ideas how mum Angela put together a beautiful floral party for her daughter Amelia’s first birthday, which started with her lucky eBay find of some gorgeous floral deer antlers! Read on to swoon over all of the beautiful party details.


Party Theme

I kind of stumbled into finding these adorable little flower crowns with deer antlers on eBay in the middle of the year and instantly loved how feminine the whites & flowers look with little deer features. We are a very pink and gold house too, so I was in love straight away. I absolutely love the really white, clean themes that people do too but I always start that way and the hoarder in me just keeps adding until it’s an organised mess!

Decorations and Styling

We choose to construct a Balloon Garland in white, pink, peach & wine coloured balloons. My friend & I did it ourselves the day before –  I bought all the balloons and we just had a crack – it turned out better than I ever expected and I never wanted to let the balloons deflate, they looked so good. Pinterest really sets the bar high on these!

We had a white pallet backdrop I bought on Gumtree behind the cake/sweets table with mostly fake flowers attached and I filled it with more fresh foliage from our garden clippings. As it turns out, the backdrops are hard to find – I have about half dozen ladies hiring mine now for baby showers and parties!

On the table, I spray painted some wire baskets from the cheap shop with gold paint, so they all matched and placed all the food on those and popped some peonies in gold vases (these were so hard to track down this time of year).

I hired some low trestle tables, cute vintage pastel spare chairs and those wood slices to give a bit more of a woodland vibe. On the trestle table for the bubs, I put big fluffy cushions and the wood slice looking cushions from Kmart around the bottom to sit on

I had 2 blackboards with pink frames and I chalk painted one with Amelia’s birth details and the other with a super cute poem I found on Pinterest. They both had a big gold glitter ONE on them & more fake flowers

I also had another pink frame with her monthly photos on it printed out.

One of my favourite items was a vintage highchair painted gold which I bought off gumtree and decorated with a helium number 1 balloon in baby pink, attached by a fake floral vine from Little Booteek. This looked super cute!

Being a summer party, we had a toddler jumping castle covered with boho dream catchers and a pink and white ball pit, as well as a little kiddy pool.

Amelia had this amazing dusty pink dress from Tutu Du Monde she was supposed to wear but in the heat we went for a simple pink Hubble and Duke romper with Bonnie and Harlo bow which is my absolute favourite anyway.

Food Served

The gorgeous Antler Cookies were made by Hansel and Gretel Cakes. I created Antler Fruit by using a cookie cutter and watermelon.

All the sweets were in pink colours – there was cotton candy on top of jelly in cups (it melted so quick!). One of my friends made cupcakes with ombre icing in baby pinks & glitter. Our Punch was Cranberry & Grapefruit which was delicious and pink!




It did take me a little while to relax because it was New Years Day and the weather was incredibly hot that day, so I was sweating by 7 am. All the tiny details in my head added up so I didn’t even have a chance to go around with my real camera and take photos of anything, just a few on the iPhone & luckily my friends took a heap for me when people started arriving.

It’s funny because people say the birthday girl won’t remember it but once the party started I just focused on her & how much fun she was having running around & showing off, splashing in the pool & eating all the naughty treats – when we sung happy birthday to her she was so cheeky & had the biggest smile & everything was completely worthwhile. So much work & so much fun but I am grateful a birthday is only once a year!

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