Charlotte & Noah’s Boho First Birthday Party

Our (doubly) amazing client Melissa is a mama of boy/girl twins, Charlotte & Noah, and planned this amazing Boho (Tribal) themed event for her gorgeous twinnies’ first birthday party!


Party Theme

The theme was Boho tribal/teepees. Having boy/girl twins I wanted something that was suitable for both – something gender-neutral. That’s where I thought that my family is like my little tribe we should have a tribal theme and incorporate teepees into it as well.

 Charlotte & Noah's Boho


Decorations and Styling

We enlisted my husband’s cousin ( to help decorate and style the event. I wanted to have a base colour of neutrals like white/tan/brown and gold to suit the tribal theme. For the tables, I used white table covers with hessian table runners and used white and gold zigzagged plates and green napkins with gold writing. I also used hessian for the buntings. With the balloons she mixed it up with some pink and blue and then the neutral colours in there as well like the white/grey/orange and yellow. And on the dessert table, the left-hand side was for Noah and the right-hand side was for Charlotte but when you look at it as a whole it blends in well altogether. The props used included teepees, foliage, flowers, buntings, cushions, bow and arrow, animal figurines, birthday boards, rustic stands and headdresses.

Charlotte & Noah

Food Served

I wanted to go for an open style graze where people could just help themselves and choose from a lot of options. I had 75 guests and wanted to make sure everyone had a good feed because it was a double celebration. We opted for a Middle Eastern graze with a few extras. Food included assorted dips, pickled vegetables, olives, salads, kibbi, falafel, sambuski, shanklish, manoush, flatbreads, beef lasagne, eggplant parmigiana, cheeseburger sliders, chicken schnitzel aioli and lettuce sliders and spicy chicken wings (to name a few!). We also had a kids graze which consisted of macaroni and cheese, sausage rolls, meat pies, mini pizzas, fruit skewers and nutella filled doughnuts.

Charlotte & Noah



Caramel chocolate bars from Print & Party which said “thank you for celebrating the Twinzee’s 1st birthday” – they were delicious and would totally recommend!


Charlotte & Noah



My children loved their party so much they ran around all day and wouldn’t sleep until right until the very end and clonked out in the car! They knew the day as all about them and had all the attention with lots of kisses and cuddles and even clapped when everybody sang happy birthday to them!

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