How to Create a Peach, Pink and Rose Gold First Birthday Party

Are you wanting to create a Peach, Pink and Rose Gold colour scheme for your little girl’s birthday party, or your Baby Shower perhaps? Mama Amanda shares with us all of her knowledge on how to create the most stunning party in this beautiful palette. Read on to find out how you can do this too.

amanda Says

Our little Alice Mae is a third child, which means she has to constantly share the attention and time with her siblings (#neglected) and is rarely the sole focus. So, for her recent first birthday, I really wanted to celebrate her and capture who she is and how she’s grown, a special little event just for her.

The lovely Anna at Print & Party donated one of her party packages to the Auction for Ellie recently, and I was lucky enough to be the successful bidder of the package. It was a win-win for me – getting the beautiful party package and the money going towards little Ellie’s family while she battles leukaemia.

I chose Anna’s pink Boho Roses design, and that was my starting point for the little party theme – pinky, peachy, creamy florals, elegant and understated. Anna’s package included the invitations, an A4 birthday sign, cupcake toppers, treat tubes and stickers, and the wrapped chocolate bars – all with the roses design and ‘Alice is One’. 

From there, I sourced a simple, wooden cake topper with Alice’s name from Katrina Louise Designs and a beautiful little package of sugar biscuits from Swish Biscuits. Katrina is always so flexible and responsive, and her cake toppers are a lovely quality. Shalini is a local mum, and her creative talent is astounding – her beautiful biscuits were almost too stunning to eat! My mum of course did eat one (because sugar addict) and she reports that they were indeed delicious, and she’s rather a biscuit expert.

My favourite feature of the birthday table was the series of printed photos showing how Alice has grown over the past year. I’ve taken a photo of her showing how many months old she is, every month since she was born. (I’ve actually done this for all the kids – just so you know that now equates to a total of well over 100 kids’ monthly photos, with no end in sight). I printed the first 12 of Alice and hung them up on twine with little wooden pegs. It’s so lovely to see how she’s changed and what she was like in the first year, sort of like a little video timelapse. So many people commented on it! I think even using a series of your favourite photos of your child, presented in a similar way would be lovely. My dear friend Janessa made the birthday board for Alice in a matching design, and it captures a snapshot of what she’s doing and loves at 12 months. 

I didn’t have a big budget for setting up the birthday table, so the pink ONE balloons came from ebay (just make sure you order that a month in advance), and most of the other decorations came from around the house – flowers fresh, fake and dried, white and glass vases (some recycled passata jars), an old white sheet for a tablecloth, and simple wooden platters and boxes to achieve some height. My darling husband, who is a cake extraordinaire and always makes the kids birthday cakes (yes, truth), made the beautiful carrot cake, which he just iced simply and I decorated it with a few fresh poppies, the cake topper and some paper pinwheels.

Of course, the week of her birthday and the day before Alice’s party it actually snowed in Canberra, so plans for an outdoor event were hastily rearranged and we ended up having a smaller do in our tiny house. That said, Alice’s nearest and dearest were there and the sun did come out for a little while. We certainly had a chance to love on our little girl for a few hours and she loved the attention, as well as the bacon and egg rolls.

Tips for a first birthday party

  • Try to be organised and order things you’ll need (cake topper, balloons, invitations) at least a month or more in advance.
  • Personalise the birthday table with your favourite photos of the tiny person.
  • Less can be more – don’t be afraid to keep the cake decorations simple, or just have one or two special features.
  • Have champagne on hand – not only are you celebrating your little person’s first year, but also the fact you made it through the year! And the big people like bubbles.
  • Get a family photo early on, or before everyone arrives. Every thing will still be set up beautifully and you wont forget in the chaos of being a host.
  • Don’t forget to keep an invitation and any special decorative pieces for the baby book.

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