You can hardly believe it when it’s time to plan your first baby’s very first birthday party. That first year of being a mama just seems to fly by, and although you may be so happy to watch your little one grow up, planning their first birthday party feels a little bittersweet – never again will you experience those magical first hours, days and months of being a mother!

The day of the party is a beautiful chance for you to celebrate with your partner, family and friends. You can reminisce on the wonderful first year you’ve spent as a little family, and watch your little one enjoy all the attention on their special day! Such an important celebration calls for some gorgeous decorations and styling to make the day memorable for everyone! Maddison, mama of beautiful baby girl Scottie, shares all the details about how she used our Boho Rose party stationery to help create a stunning party for her daughter’s first birthday.



We were going for a woodland magical theme and we loved how the darker burgundy gave it a real whimsical feel.



We weren’t allowed to stick anything on the walls at this venue so we hired a candy cart to decorate some of the space and used 3 trestle tables as the main decoration filled with lots of store bought lollies and biscuits which had a balloon garland sitting pretty at the front.


My dad put his skills to use and provided us with spectacular food. Mini hamburgers, mini fish tacos, mini Caesar salads, curry puffs, sushi, cupcakes and mason jars filled with strawberry doughnuts and lemon cheesecake.



For kids’favours, we gave Loot bags filled with little knick knacks from Kmart, bubbles, yo yo’s, whistles etc. The adults received beautiful dessert jars to take home with them.


  • Candy cart, cupcake stands and balloon garland supplied from Pretty as a Picture Parties.
  • Wooden boards and table decor from Kmart
  • Furniture supplied by venue Heathcote Reserve Applecross
  • Party stationery by Print & Party



Scotties face was lit up all day, the day was just magical!!


Create this look with our Boho Roses party stationery.