How to Style an Outdoor Butterfly Garden Party

Today we are sharing with you a truly breathtakingly beautiful party! Gorgeous Mila celebrated her very special first birthday with a boho-inspired garden party which was planned and styled by her clever mama Taila. Taila also owns an incredible handmade business, Taila Danae Designs, and included many of her gorgeous creations in the party decor for her little girl.

Read on to find out exactly how you can plan and style the perfect outdoor garden party!

Talia Says


The theme we chose was ‘Butterflies in the Garden’. This was the first time for me styling a party in Summer, so I wanted to embrace the sunshine and showcase some of the pieces that I make. I own a small business Taila Danae Designs, where I make floral hair pieces, wreaths, bunnies and much more, so these had to be part of the magical day.


I have always loved being hands-on and creative, so if there is anything I can do or make myself, I am the first to put my hand up for the job!

I spent the week leading up to the party baking all the treats, blowing up balloons and stringing them together, making a giant floral wreath and flower accessories for the girls to wear.

During the day we had activities such as ring toss, flower and butterfly tattoo fun, giant balloons to throw around and a ball pit to entertain the littlies.

For me, the success of the party was all in the planning. I lived off ‘lists’ and every time I crossed something off my list it made the light at the end of the tunnel that little bit closer..! Plus the help of my friends and family, sometimes just as simple as helping entertain my girls during the day while I baked and prepared, made it all possible!!



  •  Naked vanilla cake with marshmallow buttercream frosting, decorated with fresh flowers and custom made white acrylic cake topper.
  •  Number 1 ‘treats’ cake decorated with lolly pops, shortbread cookies, meringue kisses, dehydrated raspberries, sprinkles and macaroons.
  • Custom lemon shortbread biscuits decorated with fondant icing embossed in ‘MILA TURNS ONE’
  • Marshmallow macaroons filled with vanilla buttercream and dehydrated raspberries.
  • Pink swirl meringue kisses
  • Cinnamon donuts with marshmallow flavored icing
  •  Vanilla cupcakes with rose water buttercream
  •  Cupcake shaped marshmallows (from Kmart)
  •  Pink and white swirl lolly pops (from Spotlight)


  • We also had a grazing table full of savory delights including cheeses, fruits, meats, crackers, biscuits, licorice, nuts, popcorn, wafer sticks and much more!
  • To rehydrate we had bottled water with custom labels.


Happy Hands Happy Heart made amazing scented playdough for each of our littlies to take home after the day plus they were also given a goodies bag filled with rings, lolly pops, natural flavoured snakes, special straws and a glitter butterfly clip.


Taila Danae Designs – All baked treats, flower crown, headband and floral dried wreath
Sienna and I – Mila’s AMAZING birthday dress
Happy Hands Happy Heart – scented playdough gift favors and dried flower confetti
Ruby Rabbit Party – plates, cups, straws, tinsel backdrop, balloons
Raw Designs Co – script timber names
Schooza – silver glitter 1 crown
E and I Custom Designs – Mila Zini round plaque and white acrylic cake topper
Print & Party – custom cupcake toppers, gift bag stickers and water bottle labels
Minnie and Me Interiors – table runner (wallpaper)
Howe and Zo – house frame
Macy Handmade – star cushions
Bow Baby – Willow’s tutu dress
Me and Baby Bird – pillow case under house frame
Krisp and Co Designs – pillow case under house frame
Ginger and Pear Gifts – cot mattress cover
Lil P Designs – Mila’s Shoes
Chuckle and Charm – Willow’s shoes
Stems Flower Market – flowers


Mila had a blast celebrating her first birthday with her family in the sunshine, but the highlight for her day would have been playing in her new ballpit in her special custom made tutu dress! ♥️


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