Six Ways to Save on your Party

Whether it’s an engagement party, birthday party or your best friends bridal shower it’s no lie that the cost of a party can add up quite quickly.

Print & Party have many tips and options to help keep your costs down and still have an amazing party! Check out our top tips for partying on a budget.

1. Party Essentials – Buy when you see!
All parties have staple items. Cutlery, Serviettes, Cups etc… When you see these items on sale, stock up! These items can also be purchased from your local $2 Shop or Kmart.  Solid colour party supplies are much cheaper than themed ones. Choose colours that will still match your theme and you’ll get them same effect.

2. Buy in Bulk!
Now is a perfect time to use that Costco membership! Buying party food items in bulk can help save you money, particularly if you know you’re having more than one party in a year.

By making your party early morning at 10am or from 2pm onwards, your guests won’t be expecting a meal so you will be able to get away with serving snacks and cake!

3. DIY Decorations!
Tissue Paper, a staple for all DIY decorators. Can be made into garlands, Pom Poms and gift-wrap! The list is endless! Involve the kids in creating their own decorations! Kids love creating paper chains and pom poms!

Making a dessert table? Lots of people are getting into the dessert table trend so chances are somebody you already know has vases to store your lollies in or platters for you to use. Before buying them post a shout out to all your friends to see if someone has some you can borrow. There are also quite a few party companies that hire out lolly buffet supplies to help keep the cost down.

Decorations can also be sent as digital files, which allow you to easily print off and assemble yourself. Things like personalised bunting, chocolate wrappers, drink labels and stickers etc, can be created to suit your theme.

4. Home Party
Having a party at home is lovely and can save you quite a bit of money. It is simple to create games to play at home or set up activity stations to keep the children entertained.  You can link activities to your theme to make them even more exciting. For example – If you’re having a fairy themed party you could set up a design your own wand and crown table. Supplies for this are quite reasonably priced and can be sourced from $2 shops.

If your home is too small or there is no backyard, the local park or the Grandparents’ house is just as good!

5. Digital Invitations
When you have the theme and details of your party decided its time to sort the invites. We offer digital invitations that are customised to your needs. Your invites are then digitally sent to you via email and then you are free to print off as many as you require. As the invitation is digital you can also attach it to an email and send it out to your friends and family to save even more.

6. Make The Cake
Cakes can add quite a stress to your budget, particularly if you are outsourcing it to the professionals. If you’re confident enough, have a go yourself. There are many YouTube clips and Pinterest posts that can assist you.  It can be as simple as purchasing a mudcake from Woolworths and doing the decorating yourself. Do some research before making a decision to outsource and see if you’re up to it!

Charlotte’s Tropical Themed Party

We created this gorgeous and simple party for Charlotte’s 2nd Birthday for less than $100 – including food! Here is what we sourced and the price breakdown:
* Happy Birthday Balloon Bunting = $5
* Hanging flamingos = $4
* Palm tree = $2
* Island Paradise Bunting = $3
* Watermelon Napkins = $3
* Tropical tablecloth = $2
* Candles = $3
* Frame for Birthday Board = $6
Find all these decorations in the Party Section of Kmart.
Total: $28

* 2x White Chocolate Mudcakes: $9
* Butter, icing and food dye for buttercream = $5
* Jellybeans for Watermelon “seeds” – $2
* Fruit platter: $10
Total: $26

Print & Party:
* Flamingo Birthday Board = $30
* Flamingo Chocolate Bars = $3 each
Total = $45

Total party cost = $99

Here’s the proof that a beautiful party can be done on a budget of just $100!