Sienna-Ivy’s Flamingo Birthday was put together by her stylish and savvy mummy Helena. She planned and styled this lovely party all on her own, and was able to DIY some of the elements, including the cake smash, to keep things budget friendly! Read on to learn more how she achieved this theme.

Helena Says:

Flamingo parties are fun for any age and something a bit unique and on trend, different from the familiar fairy theme.
Funnily enough, I decided on this theme in the heat of summer and Sienna’s birthday is in the midst of Autumnal weather and just on the brink of winter! As it turns out, flamingos are fabulous any time of year!
Sienna-Ivy's Flamingo BirthdaySienna loves anything that is bright, bold and colourful! I saw the flamingo design on Anna’s site and was instantly taken by it! I thought with some fresh roses and greenery we could really bring it to life.

I will definitely throw another flamingo themed birthday party and re-use all my party pieces I have put together for this occasion. Once I decided on the theme I kept seeing flamingos everywhere!! I stormed into creative mode and browsed the web for more flamingo inspiration!

Preparation and Cake Smash

I wondered how I would afford to do cake smash with a photographer and afford to throw my daughter party AND buy her presents! So, I did my own cake smash at home which is more budget friendly. Here are the things I used for the cake smash:

  • Two large pink silk table cloth – ( also used at my baby shower) – one on the back wall and one on the floor.
  • Decorated round box – party discount store @indooroopillyshoppingcentre
  • Drink dispenser ( Kmart) – placed on top of round box and flowers from flower lovers at Rocklea market into the dispenser
  • 3 helium balloons tied also to the box
  • Paper garland also attached to the back wall.
  • Cage Candleholder – overflow party store at Jindalee
  • A bunch of pink roses from Aldi and Florist wire intertwined into the cage.
  • Cake from the bakery and cake stand from Spotlight
  • Sienna’s outfit from David Jones and flower headband.Then the photos were ready for Print & Party to design my invites!

For the actual party, we spent a lot of time researching and shopping for the most beautiful elements for Sienna-Ivy’s big day! Here are all the items we used for the party:

Styling and Decor

  • We had three large letter balloons, that spelled ONE (Stack’s Discount Store)
  • five balloon weights (Stack’s Discount Store)
  • 6 pink and orange flamingo balloons (Spotlight) and one giant flamingo balloon from stack discount store Indooroopilly. (We did have balloon letters that spelled “flaminge” when I was aiming for “flamingle”! Lol! So we left those out – can’t be perfect at everything!)
  • We had a separate cake table we purchased from Aldi. We threw two large pink silk tablecloths from over the top. We used an easel from Stacks Discount Store to display our first birthday board designed by Print & Party.
  • I bought some florist wire and florist tape from Stacks Discount Store, as well as two bunches of roses and two bunches of fresh Ivy from Flower Lovers in Rocklea, and used these to design a wreath for Sienna’s cake. The left over Ivy went around the easel and we snipped a couple of roses off the bunch to place on the easel also which looked beautiful with the first birthday board.
  • I ordered the name cake topper from Etsy and the mini flamingo and pineapple cupcake toppers from Etsy also.
  • Flamingo cocktail sticks from Stacks Discount Store
  • Flamingo straws – Stacks Discount Store
  • Light box which said ‘Happy Birthday #Sienna Ivy’ from overflow at Jindalee
  • Glass cups from another party discount store and just placed all the straws and knives and forks in the glass cups.
  • Paper plates from Kmart , they have some beautiful paper plates and Strawberry and hip hip hooray napkins
  • The invitation envelopes also from Etsy as they were A5 and office works didn’t have anything fancy.I also added a pink feather in each invite for a hint of what’s to come!
  • The cake was from the Cake Ornament shop which was a perfect location just on the same road as the party location.
  • The pink flamingo statue was also placed on the cake table from Bunnings.
  • The hats that Tim, Sienna and I wore were also from Etsy. I wanted to customise them to say Mumma, Daddy and Birthday Girl, to keep in with the flamingo theme.
  • I purchased a flamingo cookie cutter from kitchen house and we had flamingo fairy bread and cupcakes adorned with flamingo and pineapple glitter cake toppers.
  • A huge sign from Print & Party “Welcome to Sienna’s first birthday party”. (We will keep it forever and it was placed at the front of the shelter we were under in the park.)

Sienna-Ivy's Flamingo Birthday


  • Appeitisers – Olives, cheese board, anti pasta, and salad. carrots and celery and rice crackers with a range of dips, watermelon and pineapple fruit, lamington fingers with the flamingo cocktail sticks placed in them.
  • Lunch – chicken, and  beef kebabs
  • Drink dispenser with chopped lime and lemons with lemon lime bitter cordial and soda water for drinks
  • Served in the glasses for chilled drinks from the party shop and the flamingo straws looked perfect
  • Glitter champagne glasses from Kmart $16
  • Just bought a couple of bottles of bubbly for adults!

Sienna-Ivy's Flamingo Birthday

Games and Entertainment

  • I bought some cheap balls, Pom poms, hula hoops and little toys from Kmart and placed them in two large nicely decorated round boxes from stacks party store and a beautiful rug from a bedding shop at DFO ( we can reuse for picnics)
  • I bought some cheap balls, Pom poms, hula hoops and little toys from Kmart and placed them in two large nicely decorated round boxes from stacks party store and a beautiful rug from a bedding shop at DFO ( we can recuse for picnics)
    Funny glasses, dress up hats and fairy wings, wigs from stacks discount store ( made such funny photos ).The kids loved them!
  • I made a pass the parcel for the Kids and my friend bought her Bose for music Sienna was knackered from all the excitement at this point and was having a nap but she still enjoyed some gifts left over from the parcel lol.
  • I bought a bubble machine from Kmart which was tricky with the wind but still worked! Great photos and the kids love it



  • 25 chocolate bars and wrappers as favours the kids loved!!!! From print and party saying happy first birthday Sienna Ivy
  • 20 water bottles and labels! Such a great touch!

Sienna-Ivy's Flamingo Birthday

I created a time capsule with a book for notes to Sienna and everyone left wonderful encouraging notes.I bought the stationary and time capsule box from Kikki K. The front of the box says,  “We don’t remember days… We remember moments”.

We hired a photographer from Snapper and we were able to really enjoy the party and have our own photo shoot by the river to just enjoy each other as a family and reflect such a special day!

In the end, the party cost around $1000 for everything and we had began planning it around mid February.

Sienna woke to huge balloons everywhere, presents galore, flamingos everywhere and big kisses and cuddles. She loves the park and loved the babies and kids. She had a fabulous time filled with so much love and she knew it was special day all about her!

It was a wonderful day and we created some beautiful memories. My daughter will look back and have amazing photos of her Flamingo First Birthday Party!