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Super simple party food that can be made easily with a Thermomix!

This guest blog post written by Kylie of Themo Hub

What to feed kids at a party that won’t take you hours, will be enjoyed by all and isn’t a rush of preservatives, sugar and junk? Here are some of our traditional favourites you can adapt easily for dietary requirements, less sugar and more vegetables plus can be prepared in no time while still feeding kids the foods they love.

Party tips

* Keep the food fun but simple – you want to be a part of your kids party not in the kitchen.

* Choose foods you can prepare ahead of time and have at ready before the party starts.

* Get the kids involved! They will love it and it takes the stress off.

* Use your Thermoservers or Thermocubes. These babies keep things hot or cold for up to 2 hours!


A simple and impressive drink is a Pink lemonade. It looks great on the table, can be made from fresh ingredients and is delicious. You can find a great recipe here.


Having a mix of sweet and savoury options is a must. These options are simple and tasty.

Cob Loaf – this is something for everyone, as kids parties bring big people who will be happy to enjoy a bite to eat too. A cheese and bacon flavour always goes down well across all age groups and you can be sneaky and add in some tuna (no one will know), which makes it more filling! You could try ThermoBliss’s Spinach Cob Loaf, this Cheese and Bacon Cob loaf recipe from TRTLMT  or their Herbed Cob Loaf.

Pizza – easy and adaptable! Pizza can be pre-made (dough, toppings and all prepared, popped into the freezer ready for the oven when it’s party time). This makes for a stress free party. It’s great for kids and adults, plus it’s so easy to cater to dietary requirements such as dairy free by tweaking your toppings or make a gluten free base for those who need it. You can find a regular pizza dough recipe here or a gluten free one from The 4 Blades here

Roll your dough into a rectangular shape and cut into smaller rectangles to serve. This reduces the amount of crusts, which in turn reduces wastage meaning more food goes into little bellies.

Marinated Chicken thighs or wings aka ‘pirate meat’ in our house because you eat it off the bone – apparently this is what pirates do! Whip up your favourite marinade in your Thermomix such as this crunchy honey and soy one from ThermOMG then leave it to marinate. You can do it up the night before then whip out in time for the party. Alternatively try a dry rub like this one from The 4 Blades. Make ahead of time then these are ready to go into the oven and out to the guests. Finger food at its finest, adaptable to dietary re-quirements and great for both kids and adults.

Sausage Rolls/party pies – total party classics and must hav

es at any party. So much nicer and super easy in your Thermomix from the pastry through to the filling. These can be made any time and frozen to pull out whenever you need. You can find a sausage roll recipe from Create Bake Make here.

These kinds of foods are great for a progressive eating party where the kids can run and play and then grab a snack as they please, without the pressure of getting them to sit down ready to eat at the same time and having the food ready all at the same time. It also helps to keep the mess under control.


Fruit on sticks dipped in chocolate – you can keep this really simple and just melt the chocolate in your Thermomix. Alternatively, make some yoghurt in your Thermomix, dip the fruit and freeze it for fruity yoghurt drops. Fruit such as berries and grapes are great for this.

Non LCM bars – are easy with only 3 ingredients and a real hit. You can make these using rice malt syrup for a sugar free version, add cocoa for chocolate ones, keep them plain or jazz them up with choc chips, mini marshmallows or sprinkles. Make them the day before and bring them out for the party. ThermoBliss has a recipe here.

Birthday Cake/Cupcake tower – the pièce de résistance. There are so many cakes to bake – so many professional cake makers use a Thermomix for their mixing as it does such an amazing job. If you are not confident making a cake and decorating it up to your 6 yr olds standards, cup cake towers look awesome and are already portioned out ready to be eaten. This makes it really easy to know if your cake is big enough for your crowd and left overs can be easily frozen for lunch boxes. Icing and toppers take it to the next level. Fat Mum Slim has a great selection of easy Thermomix cakes here.

What do you make for your kids parties? For these recipes, customisable menu plans, shopping lists, Thermomix tips and more head to Thermo Hub.

A note from Anna: My children and I enjoyed spending the afternoon cooking with our neighbours and making the Marshmallow Rice Bubble slice recipe. The recipe was easy enough for the kids to read and follow, and they all loved the sweet taste!

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