The 5 W’s of First Birthday Parties

So you have nearly made it to the celebration of your little one’s first trip around the sun and you want to throw a party to commemorate the occasion! But, where do you start? Who do you invite? What do you need? What presents do you splash out on?
Read on to find out the 5 W’s of planning a first birthday!

WHO Do I Invite to my Child’s First Birthday Party?

Who do you invite? This will vary for everyone. Some people prefer something more intimate with close friends and family and others prefer to shout it from their roof tops and invite the whole street. Whatever you do, ensure that the guest of honour is comfortable with everyone you are inviting. While you are compiling your guest list ensure to consider the space limits of your party venue. Let the special people you want to invite know about your party with personalised invites that suit your party theme to a tee and get guests excited about what’s to come!

WHAT are some good First Birthday gift ideas?

As a guest or even as a parent the number one question asked around a first birthday is “what do we gift?” Little ones are often inundated with gifts but our top gift picks are below:

– A Personalised Birthday board is the perfect gift as a keepsake for both the parents and bub.
– Wooden puzzles – puzzles with the handles on them or big pieces are perfect for the little hands of a one-year old.
– Activity cubes – with 5 sides to keep them entertained. Activity cubes are great toy which offer variety in one compact piece.
– Clothes in the next size up for the next season. This is a practical gift that will certainly get used – just make sure you confirm sizing with the parent.
– Books. Whether they be hard cover so bub can play and read them now or maybe something some classics for later on, books are a great way to encourage reading in both young and old. Make this gift even more special by handwriting a sentimental birthday note inside the front cover!

WHEN is a good time of the day to have a First Birthday Party?

When is the ideal time of day to have a first birthday? It’s a tricky one! Do you have it before nap time or after nap time? Let’s just begin by saying a rested baby is a happy baby, which in turn equals a stress free party. So plan your birthday bash around your baby’s nap times. If that means that your neighbours down the street can’t make it because their bub is asleep so be it. Create a day that revolves around your little one’s routine. You’ll be thanking us for that later. Personally, I had both of my children’s First Birthday parties from 2:00pm-4:00pm because it suited their nap times and it worked perfectly. Two hours is a good length of time for a small child’s birthday party.

WHERE should I throw a First Birthday Party?

Where do you celebrate? Where do you put as the venue for the party? Do you celebrate at home and enjoy having the creativity to decorate as you like in the lead up to the day, or do you venture out to a park with a BBQ to enjoy the weather and the park. Or, do you leave it up to a play centre or kids entertainment company to arrange everything for you? There are many factors that will help you make the best decision, but if it’s not at home, be sure there is some undercover area in case of wet weather!

WHY should I have a First Birthday Party?

Why do First Birthdays really matter? Your little one won’t remember the actual day, but will absolutely adore looking at photos from their First Birthday Party in the years to come.

If we really look at why First Birthdays matter, it is more about the parents, grandparents and village of friends that have raised this child for the last year, that have kept him/her happy and healthy. The people that came to help at 10pm when baby wouldn’t sleep and you just needed a break, or simply the ones that held the baby while you were out for brunch so that you could drink your coffee while it was hot. It’s a celebration of the people that have been involved and will continue to be involved for the years to come. But also, Why not? That’s the real question!

HOW can I make the Party Planning Stress-Free?

Our Fabulous Birthday Party Package contains everything you need to decorate and personalise your party in the most stylish way! It includes invitations, chocolate bars, drink labels, cupcake toppers or treat tubes, party stickers, a party sign, birthday board and a matching balloon garland! Shop our Party Packages here.

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